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Michele Sprauer

Michele realized her passion for renovating homes and designing interiors nearly 30 years ago when she and her husband purchased their first home in New Jersey.


Michele learned early on that renovating a home on a budget while growing a family can be challenging. She quickly became skilled at “reimagining” a space which often meant repurposing existing pieces and being selective about what to buy new.  Over the years, she has gone on to design many full home remodels, large additions, and more intimate one-room makeovers utilizing budgets of all sizes.    As a result, Michele continues to love the challenge of mixing high and low to develop the perfect look and feel in a home. 


At DomaStyle Design we believe that a space should always feel welcoming and comfortable and be a true representation of the people that live there.  Achieving this perfect balance requires attention to every detail including lighting, color scheme, textures, and floorplan. Michele takes the time to develop a relationship with her clients to learn how they will use the space not only now, but in the future so the design can grow with them and remain timeless.

Regardless of budget, DomaStyle Design will give each project the same attention to detail to deliver our clients their dream space.



…please tell me your secret to renovating and decorating so quickly.  Tks  :) 

Kathleen G

Your decor is GORGEOUS and your house is lovely

Jill G

We had a great stay at Two Buoys and a Gull! The house is spacious, bright and sunny with a comfortable setup that was  perfect for our group of adults and teenagers.

Debra T

Whenever anyone compliments me on the house (often) I just say the compliments go to Michele

Bob T

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